Lauded as the “new star in the celestial canvas of pianists” (General-Anzeiger Bonn), Boris Radulovic has long been keeping the press assured of and the audiences captivated with his exceptional skills and talent. His diligence and aspiration to embody as many facets of life as possible in his music are reflected both within this charismatic artist and the “many and varied hues of his sagacious playing” (Siegerland Rundschau).

Born in 1984 in Belgrade, Serbia, Boris had his first encounter with classical music very early on, an experience which immediately fomented the desire in him to pick up the piano. At a mere five years of age he received his first piano lesson at the hands of Smilja Todorovic and some years later at the Josip Slavenski Music School, under the tuition of Prof. Olga Bauer, who, together with her husband Prof. Aleksandar Bauer, played a big role in his artistic development. Thanks both to his high artistic and technical standards, he graduated at the top of his class, with his graduation concert earning him the first prize of the Ivan Petkovic Foundation.

In recognition of his cultural and academic performances, the young talent received the Belgrade Angel award, as well as the honorable title of Student of the Generation, granted to him by the heir apparent Aleksandar Karadjordjevic.

At the end of 2004, Boris Radulovic began his studies at the Cologne Music Academy under the tutelage of Prof. Dr. h.c. Arbo Valdma, a former student of Bruno Lukk’s, who, in turn, could name Arthur Schnabel and Paul Hindemith among his mentors. Boris successfully completed his degree in July 2009 and continued his studies within concert examination under the supervision of the world-renowned Prof. Pierre-Laurent Aimard, whose academic and cultural guidance induced a lasting influence and real artistic significance to Boris’ own development.

His fascination with the opulent number of facets in pianism led him ever deeper down the path of modern music. Key to his development in this area was the guidance of Prof. Paulo Alvares, under whose tutelage Boris successfully completed his studies in concert examination with a Distinction.

He has, in addition to this, also participated in many international lessons held by eminent pianists such as Wilhelm Brons, Wolf Harden, Arbo Valdma, Lidija Stankovic and Wolfgang and Julia Goldstein-Manz, as well as Pavel Gililov, Aleksander Sandorov, Oxana Yablonskaya, Arnulf von Arnim, Eriko Nakajima-Yamamoto, Michel Dalberto and Pierre-Laurent Aimard. Working so closely together with such luminaries only served to shape and polish Boris’ style further.

Boris Radulovic has won prizes at a number of domestic and international piano competitions, such as the “Brat i Sestra” St. Petersburg Competition (1997 and 1998), Citta di Stresa Italy (1998), Interfest-Bitola (Grand Prix 2002), as well as Prix d’Amadeo Jeunesse, Holland (2005) and Zlatko Grgosevic “Zagreb 2008” (Grand Prix). His concert appearances increased in number considerably after receiving a grant from the Werner Richard-Dr. Carl Dörken Trust (2008). His involvement in a collaborative project yielded a further prize and brought about his inclusion in the line-up of the renowned “Best of NRW” series of concerts. Of these, the concert in the Apollo-Theater in Siegen drew ervent praise from the WDR in particular, which led to increased press attention. “Passionate yet nuanced.” (WAZ).

Boris Radulovic has participated in a range of radio and television performances. He has also been a guest at various music festivals, such as the Euregio Music Festival, Arosa Music Week, Internationales Pianisten Festival in Tuebingen, the Lied festival Heidelberger Frühling and International Lied-Festival in Zeist, Holland..

He has played with the Ruhrstadt Orchestra and the Burscheid Musical Academy, and was granted the honour of taking to the stage with the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra, where Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat major was performed. His passion for chamber music led him to playing with soloists from the Bergischen Symphoniker, Ensemble musikFabrik, and as part of a duo with the exceptional Michel Dalberto.

“Within him lives a great interpreter of Beethoven”

Boris Radulovic is also a fixture on the international concert circuit. The pianist, commended for his “elegance and inner peace” (General-Anzeiger Bonn), has already drawn applause not just in many a German concert hall, but also across the rest of Europe and Asia. Particular attention was devoted to his debuts in Tokyo and Fukuoka, which were a resounding success. His stopovers in Peking, Nanchang and Guangzhou in China continued to draw equally enthusiastic and positive praise.
He recently got a position as a lecturer at the Cologne Music Academy.

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